Is Your Office Fighting
the Munchie Monster?

Use Snack Fairy to fight back!

Stay Prepared

Does your office run out of snacks too often? Offices need to stock up with snacks before the Munchie Monster attacks your employees. Snack Fairy is here to deliver yummy snacks to your employees to make them happier and more productive.

The Game Plan

automate ordering

Automate Ordering

Become a subscriber. Tell us the level of your Munchie Monster and snacks your office would like to receive. Your employees will get yummy snacks every month.

automate ordering

Discover New Snacks

Your employees will appreciate the variety. Orders can be customized to satisfy those adventurous cravings.

automate ordering

Improve By Feedback

Snack Fairy will listen to your employees to make sure they get what they need to be superstars throughout the day. With their feedback, we will automatically send more of the snacks they like!

Food Fight!

Are you a hungry office bunch or want to be a product partner?


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