Freedom Rave Wear

UX/UI Design : Mobile Responsive : E-commerce
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About the Project

Started in 2014, Freedom Rave Wear has become one of the best-known festival fashion brands. They have now vendor booths at over 50 EDM festivals nationwide and traveled over 60,000 miles promoting our vision and building a real community with those that share our principles of: Expression, Confidence, Love, & Community. They pride themselves in making limited, quality, hand-made pieces that expresses fun and energy.

The Goal

To create a unique Shopify E-commerce experience for Freedom Rave Wear that emphasizes on brand and quality.

Design Challenge

With a fixed budget and a short timeline, we completed a design within the constraints of Shopify's default Debut theme.

My Responsibilities

I created the user experience and interface of the site to hand off to a developer. Designs were completed in a week. Since timeline was short, we did little adjustments. The plan to iterate would come after.