Grass Roots

UX/UI Design : Mobile Responsive : E-commerce
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About the Project

Grass Roots is an online poultry and meat delivery service supporting local farms and healthy livestock. They were on WordPress but found it difficult to customize and mold to their business model.

The Goal

We first started with designing a subscription based platform for Grass Roots by combining Shopify with an app called ReCharge. Along the way, Grass Roots decided that a complete site redesign was needed.

Design Challenge

Their customers found it difficult to re-order and change their order. Grass Roots needed a customer portal that would allow their customers to easily access their orders and to easily re-order products. The idea of subscriptions were dropped because they found that the type of meat and livestock varies way too much to offer steady subscriptions to customers. Instead staple products will always be available but "specials" are rotating.

My Responsibilities

I focused on creating a story on the homepage where it focuses on farm to table. I wanted to make sure the mission and benefits were clear for their customers coming to the site because they may want more reinforcement to persuade customers that Grass Roots provides better meat than even Whole Foods. Education is key. Pastured meat is better than the misconception of organic meat. Pastured meat comes from animals that are raised responsibly and humanely, in their natural habitat, eating grass, with plenty of space to roam, whereas organic can only mean they were fed organic substances but doesn't mean they are not treated with other artificial means.

The customer portal was very important in Grass Roots' business model because they were getting many questions and contacts from customers saying they needed different meats or they would cancel their subscription because they didn't want one type. Therefore, I worked to design a simple dashboard (within the constraints of Shopify) that would give customers the ability to re-order and change that order in their cart.