Kinsley Armelle

UX/UI Design : Mobile Responsive : E-commerce
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About the Project

Kinsley Armelle started on Etsy and as they grew, they turned to Shopify to create an online store.

The Goal

To redesign their online presence.

Design Challenge

Areas that needed improvement were navigation, mobile navigation, content placement and helping their customers find and discover their products.

My Responsibilities

From conducting stakeholder interviews to creating wireframes, I worked with a team with two developers. I focused on creating a filter menu to be displayed on the collections or product list page. The filters would help customers narrow down the products they want to see. Other additions that would enhance the E-Commerce experience included the ability to show related products dynamically based on users' previous views and preferences (which is not a native Shopify functionality). We also had to incorporate FourSixty, an instagram promoting app, to the product page.